De Huisbaas


Michael Beekman, aka De Huisbaas. His eclectical style of house oriented produces has led to a new combination of raw tech house and real deep house. His groovy beats and use of vocals make not only a swinging beat, but makes it almost impossible to stop the dancing. At the moment he is mostly visiting clubs in and around Hilversum, would you want to admire this new and epic beats.

Rik van Sommeren


At the young age of just thirteen years old Rik van Sommeren, better known as RvS, started DJ’ing. As all beginning, young boys he started at parties of friends. However, as the years flew by, the invitations to the greater events kept coming. The house parties and local clubs changed to the fine greater clubs, known in the whole Netherlands. And still, this was not the end of his growth; today RvS can proudly say he is going international.

Furthermore he has discovered his talent for producing and has just launched his first track. You can expect his sounds to be heard all over the continent, because RvS is ready to conquer using his talents.